The post describes latest updates (1.2.0 and 1.3.0) of the Distortions and Blurs package.

Although a little bit late, the post will describe 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 updates of the library.

1.2.0 brought two new materials into the package. Namely DirectionalBlur and Warp. DirectionalBlur is similar to RadialBlur and CircularBlur materials, however a pixel is blurred alongside defined direction (which is the parameter to the material). Second material called Warp distorts the screen in several ways (actually there are 3 sub-components: screen scaling, warp and twist). Scaling changes the image zooming in or out (separately for x and y axes), warp distorts the image near the edges of the screen and twist rotates the image near the edges of the screen as well. All the components can be controlled and mixed as desired. Below are the screenshots of the DistortionBlur and Warp with only ‘warp’ component applied.

1.3.0 version fixed couple of minor bugs, but what’s more inetersesting it added support for the VR! Every material now has special VR version. The VR materials were tested in Oculus DK2 device. Also in 1.3.0 two demo blueprints were added (regular and VR version). Compiled demos are available for downloading for anyone who is interested! Links are given at Marketplace page.┬áBasically just click on the material button and it will be applied to the post processing volume.