Damage and Shield Effects


Library of post processing materials for the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace. The package contains post processing materials of two types – damage and shield effects. In sum there are 8 materials, 25 material instances, 23 textures and 3 demo prefabs.

Damage Effects

  • M_DamageEffect

Should be used to visualize taking damage situation in first person games. Shows pulsating effect on the screen edges. Two material instances are included.

  • M_DamageEffectSided

This effect offers another visualization of the taking damage event. It consists of blood splats (controlled invididually for the each of the screen edges), gun flashes (also controlled per side), low health effects (pulsating fading and desaturation) and fatal damage frame. Demo prefab BP_DamageEffectSidedDemo is included to show how this material works.

  • M_BrokenGlass

Effect of a broken screen glass. Textures for this effect were created using photos of real broken glass. Material instances are organized into sets. There are 3 sets, each containing 5 instances. Inside a set instances are organized from less damaged to more damaged glass.

  • M_BloodDrip

The effect shows blood dripping on the screen. Could be used when receiving fatal damage in first person games. Material is based on the signed distance field atlas which contains frames of the animation. There are two instances of this material included.

  • M_Glitch

This is complex material consisting of 9 sub effects: vertical wrap, zoom, pixelate, ushift, block shift, wave distortion, chromatic aberration, stripes, grain. Each of the components can be controlled individually. Also it is possible to disable a component using static parameter. In this case it will be excluded from the material instance. The package contains demo prefab BP_GlitchDemo which shows all components in action by animating the parameters  of the material instance from the blueprint.

Shield Effects

  • M_EnergyShield and M_EnergyShieldLayered

These two similar materials show texture based shield effects animating in time. Could be used to emphasize some power up or damage taken while armor is up.

  • M_MagicShield

Another type of shield material. This one is based solely on the noise node. Depending on the parameters visual appearance can be changed drastically.

Demo Blueprints

The package contains 3 demo blueprints:

  • BP_DamageEffectSidedDemo
  • BP_GlitchDemo
  • BP_MainDemo

To use any of this prefabs just drop them into the scene and launch the game.

First one shows how M_DamageEffectSided material can be used. By pressing 1, 2, 3, 4 keys one can apply damage to left, right, top and bottom screen sides accordingly. Use 5 key to heal.

Second blueprint shows all sub components of the M_Glitch material. Inside the prefab there are several timelines animating various parameters of the material instance.

Finally, third blueprint shows everything that is included into the package, i.e. all material instances and two demo prefabs above. Just click on the button to select an item. Press F key to show/hide selector panel.



BP_MainDemo blueprint and test scene were compiled into the application. The demo can be downloaded by the following link: http://deststudio.com/download/ScreenFX_DamageAndShields_Demo.zip

Video of the demo showing package contents inside standard ShooterGame project is also available and is the fastest way to get an overview of the package.

The library is now available on the Marketplace to all Unreal Engine 4 users.