Distortions and Blurs



Library of post processing materials for the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace.┬áThe package contains two groups of post processing materials – distortion and blur materials. In sum there are 9 materials, 15 material instances and 11 original textures.


  • Generic distortion based on a texture map. Implemented water droplets, water distortion and frost effects.┬áCan use special fade map to control appearance.
  • Bulge effect.
  • Oldskool wavy underwater effect.


  • Optimized 5×5 and 9×9 Gaussian blurs (9 and 25 texture taps accordingly). Including masked versions which allow blurring parts of the screen.
  • Radial blur.
  • Circular blur.

Each material also comes with one, two or three ready to use material instances. Materials are customizable and all of them can be fade in or out gradually.

The library is now availble on the Marketplace to all Unreal Engine 4 users.